We offer a complete Garbage Truck Service that includes different kind and size of Garbage Truck, such as 24Ton Grabbing Crane Truck, 30Ton Garbage Truck Compressor and 16Ft or 18Ft Skip. Our service can cover all kind of buildings and events in Hong Kong from Monday to Sunday in 24 hours.

*Please contact us for more information about Grabbing Crane Truck and Skip Service.

Scoop of Service Includes:

  • Garbage Truck Service
  • Daily or single rental of Grabbing Crane Truck (24Ton) Service
  • Remove large wooden chips
  • Monthly or single rental of Garbage Truck Compressor (30Ton) and Skip (16Ft or 18Ft) Service



Waste Bins & Equipment

Trading & Rental

We rent and sell different size of waste bin including 60 Liter, 120 Liter, 240 Liter and 660 Liter waste bin for venues of different shape and sizes. Furthermore, waste bins with recycling purpose are available for rent. Garbage bags, Cleaning agents and equipment are for sell.

Scoop of Service Includes:

  • Rental and trading for Waste Bin
  • Rental of Recycling Bin
  • Selling for Garbage bags
  • Selling for Cleaning agents
  • Selling for Cleaning equipment
  • Custom made fabric bins cover

Waste Bins

60L Bin 

Size: 45.5cm L x 32cm W x 75cm H

240L Bin

Size: 68cm L x 60cm W x 107cm H

Waste Bin Accessories

Trading for Waste Bin Cover, Chassis, Wheel

& etc

90L Bin

Size: 49cm L x 43cm W x 82cm H

660L Bin

Size: 126cm L x 76cm W x 123cm H

120L Bin

Size: 63cm L x 50cm W x 96cm H

Recycling Bin (240L)

Size: 68cm L x 60cm W x 107cm H

Cover with Top Hole

Tailor-made 240L fabric bins cover 

  • Cover Size : 77cm L x 61cm W x 97cm H
  • Top Hole Diameter : 45cm
  • Logo Size : Tailor-made
  • Logo Colour : Depend on client’s requirements
  • Material : PP Bag



Garbage Bags

  • Size : 240L
  • MOQ : 100 Pcs (100 pcs/pack)
  • Included in Cleaning Service

Cleaning Agents

  • Trading for Cleaning Agents
  • MOQ : 50 Pcs
  • Included in Cleaning Service

Cleaning Equipment

  • Rental &Trading for Vaccum Cleaner & Basic Cleaning Equipment
  • Included in Cleaning Service

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